Monday, October 20, 2014

Acupuncture on my mission ?

October 6, 2014

well... I tried thinking of a cooler way to start this letter but then I just couldn't think of anything. SOO im just gonna dive in. this is just a feelings letter not really an significant events happened.

im crying that Aubrey is homecoming princess.. please take videos pictures etc.. I want to see them all. tell her I love her and that I love baby so much. hahah EVERYONE keeps emailing me, past companions and they say "hey isn't baby's birthday coming up soon?" hahah they all know her!

This week was a little bit just out of the ordinary. Last Saturday my knee had this weird red circle on it.. anyways Sunday came and it was a little bit bigger, but in a perfect form of a circle.. then Monday I woke up and my knee was swollen and the circle was big. and my knee was hot.. I ignored it and then Tuesday at district meeting all the elders were like what is going on with your kneeeee you need to get it checked out. so I called the mission nurse and she told me to go to the doctor.. so we got me to the doctor that day and come to find out.. I HAVE AN INFECTION ON MY LIGAMENTS... don't worry he gave me this HUGE shot in my bum and then antibiotics.. he said if it didn't get better in 2 days I would have to go to the e.r. and get an i.v. for 24 hours.. I was like OH MY GOSH Satan seriously is working hard. SO he told me I wasn't allowed to walk for 3 days... ummm all we do is walk.. we don't have a car.. so I decided I was going to walk on it anyways it was like whatever. I got a blessing and in the blessing it said if I rested as long as I was directed the Lord would heal me. SO I changed my mind, I rested for 3 days and I was healed. I have also had 2 sessions of acupuncture work done, and I have one more just so I can get better blood flow to my knee...  It was such a weird infection. I got really scared at first. Lets just say those 3 days in the house... made me do a lot of thinking. so yeah I'm overwhelmed and stressed with life. haha Not to make ANY MATTERS BETTER... I received my flight plans.. and my like "thank you for your work we allow you to go home" letter this week. I think that's when it hit me. Ive cried every night since.... hahah I'm AWESOME! my poor companion.

I was praying this whole week, tried fasting but then all 5 of our appointments FED US. so we had to fast a different day. but just so I could receive revelation as to what I should do with my life.. I'm not quite sure what I received. I think I am feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that is going on right now in my life. I have the weirdest feelings. I'm so excited to see everyone, but I am so torn apart from having to leave jersey. I don't even know what life is like not being a missionary I just like forgot. I am also INCREDIBLY humbled by my Heavenly Father for giving me the opportunity to serve Him for 18 months. How do I even describe how I feel I don't know. anyways I love everyone. lots of fun things coming up these next couple of weeks in my mission! mom I got your letter, bubba you are amazing at tennis.. baby I am dying you are such a princess, lexi.. I'm dying you went to conference. dad. Ireland.. enough said. and mom. super woman. you are all my heroes. I love you so much.

love Hermana Jorgensen xoxx


my kneeeee

weird right?

Isabel and Edwin cayetanos. my favorite people.

haloween cookies!

cooking Colombian food!

flight plans and going away letter...

my nina I'm obsessed with her.

What the I phone 6 is out?

September 29, 2014

well. this week was very humbling.

So it all started out with some hard work! and a package from the BEST family in the world. just what I needed. the bread was heaven in my mouth. Then the middle of the week  it was a little hard, I just found out that my companion suffers from depression.. so we were in the house for 3 days this week because she is having a really hard time. Its very humbling for me to be here right now with her as my companion, and to truly just try to help her and just show her that I'm here to serve her and support her before anything else! So she kind of slept a lot this week.  BUT we seriously still have  so much fun, and we are working hard with the circumstances that we are in!

Its kind of getting a little bit sketchier this week around the neighborhood. You know it gets dark sooner so we are out walking the streets when its pitch dark, and we are both white girls.. so yeah that makes it 10xs better. we got both each offered 100$ this week from a guy.. because he thought other things.. then he proceeded to tell us he is a drug dealer and opened his wallet and there was like 50 100$ bills.. I wish I could say that only happened once this week... but no it happened twice! hahaha don't let this story flip you out.. just pray for our safety cause sometimes I really do get nervous at night! but I trust in the Lord he is watching and protecting us.

Saturday I watched the women's conference... felt the Spirit so strong. Our leaders are so inspired! I was with sister duke that night because the next day was the best day of my whole mission.

President Taggart allowed sister duke and I to go back to Eatontown to see Sergio (the percinos friend) you know who he his, BE BAPTIZED!!!! we found him and started teaching him. Sister Duke talked with Presidnt Taggart and she told him that I had never seen a baptism of anyone that I have taught and I am about to go home so he ALLOWED IT! so there we were sister duke and I driving down to Eatontown for and hour and a half. We show up and I just wish I could of recorded it. NO ONE KNEW  we were coming. I kid you not with no exaggeration, and with all humility, literally everyone (because we got there 5 minutes before church ended) came running to us literally crying and hugging us. I don't even know how to explain. I almost felt like a celebrity. it was so weird  but all of the kids were seriously just running to us, of course sister duke and I are crying! then everyone was like are you 2 back here as companions?!!! hahah we were like uhhh no :/ but then as we witnessed the baptism I don't know how to explain it. I just felt this overwhelming peace, and increasing amount of love as Sergio was baptized. I'm just crying the whole time. Anyways as we were waiting for Sergio to get changed and get back I was sitting by angelica. She whispers in my ear, and was like I have been praying this week that you and duke would come back to see me, and God answered my prayers. I just wish I could tell you the emotion I felt I was so overwhelmed. The whole percino family was there. SAMMY SAID THE OPENING PRAYER AND THEN BORE HIS TESTIMONY. literally first time he has ever done that. THEN Ricardo, the guy sister duke and I found and got baptized 3 weeks after I left he got up and bore his testimony and was so thankful for the missionaries that taught him.. I just like oh and then Sebastian our other investigator came he is getting baptized in December! OH my gosh I was just so humbled and grateful beyond belief. it was literally a better feeling than Christmas. After we went to Sammy's for some lunch and then we headed out. I love that family.As we were leaving Sammy was like oh hey we bought something for you girls.. he bought us just a bag full of food with fruit and oatmeal and candy and I don't know. They are so thoughtful. Of course I cried saying goodbye but I will see Sammy I think 1 more time before I leave. The memories were just flowing back and I just sat there embraced by the love from a Father in Heaven. I know that I came to Eatontown to meet the Percinos. Not necessarily that they had to meet me, but I needed to meet them. They are so special to me in my life. I love them SO much.

Anyways back on Sunday night Sister Clark and I are walking in our area to go to an appointment. Just by the grace of God we saw Byron on bergenline..( main st.) so we went over to talk to him and he seemed a little hesitant. He smelt like alcohol... anyways we were just talking and he is kind of passing through hard things in his life right now. It is a very different life style that these Hispanics here live. After we were talking for like 30 minutes he started kind of tearing up because he was just like its so hard yadayadad  why do i have to wait to be baptized? anyways 10 minutes later we were getting ready to leave and he was like "what are you thinking Jorgensen" because I kept telling him to behave well.. in Spanish it makes more sense to say that haha but it sounds weird in English anyways so I was like no its okay we need to go but Byron just make good choices and he goes no what are you really thinking Jorgensen so I took the opportunity and I just said Byron answer me just one question. "have you been drinking today?" and he just like stares at me.. he hesitated and like the most shameful response he could of given me he said yes.. I don't know what happened to me but I couldn't control it and I just had tears run down my cheek and I just felt this pain in my heart. I love Byron so much and I want what is best for him.. but we cant hold his hand the whole way he has to choose for himself. I just testified to him of the power of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The blessing that you receive and the happiness you feel from doing what is right. Then there is me walking in the streets of union city CRYING the whole way to the appointment because I just want so badly for him to understand the importance of living the Gospel. Gosh the mission. It just literally is the most emotional thing Ive ever experienced. pray for him. he has his ups and downs but he really needs those prayers.

I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. literally what in the world. I don't know why Heavenly Father has given me this life that I live right now, but I am humbled and ever so grateful for it. May we all try a little harder this week to show our Heavenly Father how grateful we truly are to be His children. I love you. literally each and everyone of you.

Love Hermana Jorgensen xoxx

pss. I finished the bom in Spanish today whoop whoop!

psss. really trying to seek revelation for what I should do after this mission like what to study.. not a clue. woooo IM AWESOME! haha not stressed at all.. jokes.

oh and also what there is an I phone 6 out? had no idea. oh also there might be a world war 4? I'm so set apart from the world it kind of scares me to be back in it. Ahhh

moms cute hair ties!

obsessed with his planner cover.  Thanks Lexi

Sergio and some of the percino family

Sergio and Sammy!

all the misioneras that have taught him

angelica. she is a babe. I love her.

sebastion (our old investigator) hahah

Ricardo recent convert! blessing the sacrament and teaching young mens. love him. 3 month member.

percinos. I love this family.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

service day back in Passaic!!!

September 23, 2014

well this week was fun! new comp her name is Hermana clark from Arizona! She is just perfect! She is so relaxed and just willing to work hard. Super go with the flow, and is a wizard at the guitar! so she is teaching me! I was sad Hermana Detrindad left, but she needed it! Somewhere else needs her abilities! because literally she is perfect and is the best missionary I have ever met.

oh random tell miss jen jen that I say happy birthday to her yesterday!!

So this week has been fun! FIrst things first umm yeah we went to Passaic on Saturday to do clean up. literally so many members were there and they remembered me...greatest feeling ever! Then Hermana Bravo made me and some other missionaries that served there tacos so we all went to her house and ate tacos that she made. I love her so much. seriously worlds greatest. So many memories just flashed back when I drove through there and I went to the church just to stop by.. and it is so weird to think that a year ago I was there, on the beginning to this crazy journey. wow I think I've grown up a lot since then! well I hope!

Anyways you know just a little nervous as usual on Sunday about having investigators come to church but seriously I don't know why I am ever nervous because the Lord works out everything, and creates miracles. Literally I am greeting people in when as we come to sit down in the sacrament room and I counted and we have 7 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH. like a whole former FAMILY came and just random people that I have taught before. like I felt the Saviors love in such abundance at that time. Also Byron had an interview with President crane again, and it was good, him and President Taggart are going to start the process of writing a letter to the prophet so please keep praying for him. I love that guy SOOO much.

Then so unlike me we had a zone conference yesterday and the assistants asked me if I would sing after lunch (they asked me at lunch) with an elder in front of everyone and Elder Anderson a member from the Quorum of the 70... yeah I did it.. haha I am not a performer but the Spirit was there so everyone was deceived even if it sounded bad! haha Speaking of which zone conference was amazing yesterday. wow the Sprit was so strong. It was so inspired. They talked a lot about creating habits on your mission so you can take them home and apply them in your real life. I was grateful because I guess I'm going home soon or something I don't know.. everyone keeps telling me that! It was so inspired because they truly just talked about how this short time that we have to serve the Lord is just a preparation for the rest of our lives, and we will never get this type of "training" anywhere else. I was kind of reflecting a lot on the mission, and thinking about how I will be when I get home...  Its kind of scary. But I know what my purpose is here on this earth, I know where I want to end up, and I know how to get there. SO I wont be walking in the dark, I am prepared to succeed. (I just keep telling myself that) haha it will be good! The

Wow I love the mission. I love the people. I love New Jersey. I love Hispanics. I love Spanish. I love my new mission president and his family. I love serving the Lord. I love my Heavenly Father, and I LOVE my Savior Jesus Christ. What a humbling experience it is to be on the Lords errand 24/7.

I love you all! have a great week! Momma happy early birthday you babe!

love Hermana Jorgensen xoxx

Passaic day of clean up!

I said bye to my hija!

Passaic church!! agh

these elders are elder packers.. yes the grandsons of the apostle packer! hahah

my new comp!

you meet some good friends on the mission! I love these people!

I love these 2 kids. the cayetanos kids. omg I cant wait for you to all meet them.

First day of my last transfer

September 15, 2014

well let it begin. FIRST DAY OF THE LAST TRANSFER. eww... did I just say that? this week was... FULL OF NOTHING. I'M SICK AND I LITERALLY STAYED IN ALL WEEK. dying. literally I am so grateful for my companion she took SUCH GREAT CARE OF ME. I kept saying all I wanted was Sherri to take care of me.. haha but then to be honest she was the second best thing I could of gotten.


Byron he wants us back.. hahah gosh it is just so emotional. Satan was just really working hard on him this past week. classic. HES GOING ON A TEAM UP WITH THE ELDERS TODAY. yeah. our INVESTIGATOR going on a team up. I love him. He has another interview this Sunday with president crane, and from there they will start the papers to send to the prophet! so here's to a long road ahead of us. but never stop praying for him.

My companion is getting transferred. I'm so sad. seriously I love her so much. she has taught me literally SOOOO MUCH. its going to be super hard. I cant even begin to tell you HOW MANY MEMBERS came to us yesterday and and said please  you two don't go. TAKE ALL THE OTHERS BUT YOU TWO JUST STAY PLEASEEEE. hahah it was so awkward when the other missionaries were by us. Its going to be hard just because Hermana Detrinidad like I don't know they just like got us. They understood us and we worked SOOOO well together. BUT life goes on right? changes make us stronger. They are only splitting us up and I am the one staying because my next companion is going to train the next transfer. So ill help her learn the area and prepare her to train! Its a SUPER great area to train in because you are always going going going. You can accomplish every aspect of missionary work here.

I GET TO GO TO PASSAIC ON SATURDAY TO DO SERVICE!!! I'm calling all my members there and telling them to get to the service so I can see them. oh my gosh you know ill just cry. I am so excited. I have Ellis island on Thursday and transfer conference on Tuesday and district meeting on Wednesday and weekly planning on Friday.. this week will be crazy. SO we will see.

Anyways I am doing well. Really trying to give it my all. Don't worry I am!! I'm  focused. obedient. and loving this little part of my life that I have to SERVE THE LORD.

I love you. next week I promise ill have more news, its just this week... I WAS A DEAD MAN!

love: Hermana Jorgensen xoxxx

we always teach on the Hudson river! city view!
on 9/11

 my favorite inactive. Hermana beltran. I would die for this lady. seriously.

Sidney! our new investigator! the cousin of Marisol! I LOVE HER. she is so cute. but she has to wait till she is 18 to be baptized because her mom wont allow her to. but only 2 more years.

union city crew!

byronnnnnnnnnn I love him seriously

Noche Americana

Sept. 8, 2014

ay ay ay. this mission seems to keep proving to me that it is the most emotional year and a half i will ever live! 

So this week. Testimony of being in the exact place at the right time for a certain reason. We were walking one day and decided to walk a certain path we hadn't walked before. Anyways we contacted a lady on the way to our appointment . She is from El Salvador and she moved here like a year ago to new york. She is a MEMBER and she was baptized 15 years ago, and hasn't had any connection with the church. She said she loved the doctrine, and loved the BOM but doesn't have one. So we gave her one and a few pamphlets... anyways maybe it wasn't that big of a deal to you, but seriously its just proves to me how Heavenly Father works in the details of our lives. She said she never comes to new jersey, well to union city at least only every once in a while, and here she came just so she could get herself a BOM!  

Classic this week we had a "noche americana" in the church which was just an opportunity for the members to bring their friends to the church and food and things from their own country. Then after we did a tour of the church and each organization was in their own rooms  explaining for like 5 minutes what they do. Anyways it was such a hit, literally there was more investigators than members and there was SOOO MUCH FOOOD! We were so nervous that it was going to be a wreck. ALL Saturday I swear i was the party director. I was directing everything blowing up balloons.. hanging things here putting tables there, decorations were bought i mean it was a big deal. Anyways.. the Taggarts came. Which i just loved. I love that family. I love Emily and Sophia (the daughters) hahaha here's the classic joke.. about 10 people came up to me at the party, and then Sunday the next day and asked me if that was my family, or to tell me how cute my family was.. uhhhh hahah? why did they think that? oh yeah because we were the ONLY white people there so they thought my family came to visit! haha There was a dance party after, and you know as missionaries we aren't allowed to dance.. well drum roll please... the taggarts straight up DANCED.. ALL OF THEM! and then.. THEY MADE ME DANCE! they made me be the front of this dance line to lead everyone... hahah what?! but it was all okay because the first 2 people behind me were president and sister taggart... it was a great night! so much fun. 

now Sunday.. Byron didn't come to church.. why? we didn't know he has been acting weird lately. It was hermana cayetanos birthday on Sunday and we were at her house when we got like 5 miss calls from Byron. So we finally answered it.. he uhhh told us he couldn't meet with us anymore... uhhhhh what??? he said he was "winning us" in Spanish which just means like lying to us about like the word of wisdom and yah.... he said he cant meet with us, that he feels bad but that he loves us so much and is so grateful for us and we have changed his life... a lot of other things were said.. we were just so confused.. he doesn't even want to see us in person.. its like seriously being broken up with.. but its WORSE! anyways i just cried all Sunday night.. its seriously just so hard sometimes when you just don't know what to do, or how to help them understand....

I think that the main thing i have learned on my mission is honestly about Christlike Love. i don't know how it even happens but honestly i just love love love Heavenly Fathers children. Its not just a love that i have for His children like oh my gosh i love them wooo this is all dandy. but it is a sincere love for them. Its a pray for them nightly, think about them daily, fast for them often, sacrifice your time everyday, truly just want what is best for them. I love the primary song that says, " As I have loved you, love one another, this new commandments love one another, by this shall man know ye ARE MY DISCIPLE, if ye will love one to another. " 
Charity/love is the characteristic that we as members of His gospel must have. Men will recognize us as disciples of Christ if we but just show our love to those around us. 

My heart is full of love for this mission. seriously i know I'm not done but i keep reflecting on my mission, and i am so full of gratitude and love for all of Gods children that i have had the opportunity to meet and be changed by. 

anyways i love you all!  send the family all my love! extended and all! 

show someone the true love of Christ this week! 

love you
Love hermana jorgensen xoxx

we made a banana nutella cake for hermana cayetano! sucha baker!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

we are instruments in the Lord's hands

Sept. 2, 2014

today is Tuesday, sorry i couldn't email this past Monday, LABOR DAY!

we went to the lake here, and swam, and tanned, and wake boarded, and
had SOOOO MUCH FUNN!.... not.

haha no this past labor day was fun though. We got together as a zone
and played soccer.. like always but it was SOOOOO fun! it is BLOOMIN
HOT HERE. humidity is out of control.

This week has been super fun! A lot of fun things!

Last Monday we had a softball tournament between half of the mission!
it was fun because sister duke and elder welburn were there! Also i
just LOVE like all the missionaries here! its so weird how they just
feel like your family. honestly.
Tuesday i had exchanges with SISTER DUKE! haha
She is my leader so she and I got to go on an exchange to Bayonne! oh
my gosh it was just heaven haha i love that girl! EMily Taggart (presidents daughter) came out with us all day! it was so fun because she literally is just like us! Also i just think she needed it, because she is in her senior year, and she doesn't really know a lot of people so she just needs like friends! We taught A LOT OF PEOPLE
together, and then some way or another i took the wrong turn and we ended up in Newark so yeahh.. that was awesome! haha we had no money,
and gracias a hermana emily taggart she paid the toll!

Then on Saturday the bravos came to see me! oh gosh i LOVE them. She called me and was like i heard transfers are coming soon so can we come see you just in case you get transferred somewhere else far!
literally i appreciate so much the relationships that i have made on my mission.

classic story. the Muslim friend that we contacted came to church AGAIN. in his dress and without shoes. everyone at the church weren't so friendly about him being there... don't know why but he really has a
lot of questions, and writes things down like he takes notes! I hope he is sincerely looking and the people can see that.

something i kind of realized this week was how we truly are just instruments in the Lords hands.
update on Paola. kind of a cool well shes the mom that i told you about last time. We were over there and she was just talking to us, and she actually wanted us to teach her. Usually before we just would
go and she didn't really want us to teach her. BUT this time she was like can you teach me something? she also asked if she could have more "homework" to read! WHAT? why did she say that? She goes ya know i was
really just reflecting on a lot of things and i really am grateful for the prayer that you girls said before i was arrested.. She said if we
wouldn't of have done that, she wouldn't of been calm and understanding at that point. She said she truly felt this peace, that she has never really felt before. And the time she was in prison sitting there she
thought a lot about what we have taught her. She said God had put us there right at the time that she needed Him (His word) the most.

Anyways a lot of other things have happened this week that just i don't have time to explain or write, but i just really want you to know that i LOVE being a missionary. I love it. Its so different than any other thing i have done, or will do. It is a pleasure serving my Lord. I am
starting to reflect a lot on everything that has happened, and all that i have learned, and i honestly am so GRATEFUL for the opportunity to be here in new jersey trying to help others come unto Christ. I love this Gospel. Sincerely i love the way of life that it allows you
to have. It leads and guides us to happiness. This is His work.This is His gospel, and we are privileged to be apart of it! Find someone this week that doesn't have this happiness and let them take part of the sweetest fruit on this earth!

LOVE YOU ALL. literally I'm obsessed with you family. you are all so
cute. I'm dying to see you, but oh so grateful for all the time i have

love : hermana jorgensen xoxx

1. sohpie taggart (president taggarts 10 year old daughter i love her) prestonnn....;)

2. my zone for softball!

1. Emily Taggart (mission presidents daughter)

2. best exchange ever

1.    cayetanos! i love them

1. bravoooooossss!